lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Protos Fashion Jewellery in the ABC Spanish Newspaper

FashionJewellery Protos has a wide presence in the press: some of the magazines in which Protos Fashion Jewellery has appeared are the following: In Touch, DiezMinutos, Clara, Yo Donna, Mujer Hoy, Cuore, Pasarelas, Que me dices, MiaBelleza, Elle Fashion, Woman, Lecturas, Arte de Vivir, Babylon, Moosewithme. Tendenciasde Federopticos, Interviú, etc … And Protos has been also the chosen brand of some people of the tv and cinema such as the presenter of the program “Cifras y Letras” Sheila Izquierdo, , Anne Igartiburu, Amaia Salamanca, Inés Sastre, Jaydy Michel or Elsa Pataky.
The last article of Protos Fashion Jewellery in the press has been an interview in the ABC newspaper to Protos manager. Carmen Aguado explains the beginnings of the company and the latest international adventures like the presence of Protos in the Eclat de Mode, one of the most important references of international fashion.

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